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a land of fragrance
a land of beauty
a land of well-being

Corsica, an island rich in verdure and diversity with more than 2000 different flowering native plants which are the envy of the whole world, plants such as the Helichrysum italicum, the “immortelle”…

A universe of fragrance: organic, green, flowering and fruiting, ceaselessly assailing the olfactory senses, bathed by the sea sprays of the Mediterranean, warmed on sun-soaked hillsides and nourished by sparkling mountain springs.

All this energy has been concentrated to form the heart of a vegetation called the “maquis” in an extraordinary symphony of colors and scents.

But it is not only the fragrance of the plants that is important: the secret lies in their structure and their chemical composition: active ingredients at the service of health, at the service of beauty.

Based on the therapeutic and well-being virtue of the Corsican maquis, known and used in villages for centuries, the Ecce Donna laboratories have worked on the line Perfume of Beauty through the name of Donna è.