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The essence of Corsica

Resolutely different organic skin care

Our range is based on the synergy of carefully selected ingredients and our knowledge of the wonderful natural science of chemistry and, of course, our love of nature.
Combined with passion, all this results in our range of skin care products: effective, advanced and natural.

Our island, Corsica, inspires the products we create, as it is the one that provides us with the raw materials.

A natural brand

environmentally-friendly by using a selection of Corsican raw materials, such as Helichryse ("Immortelle" in French), rockrose, wild carrot, myrtle... from organic farming and, of course, recyclable containers.

authentic both in terms of the story from which it draws its beauty secrets, and in terms of its active plant ingredients picked in nature.
All the forms of plant extracts used retain their full properties, their origins are certified, and they are botanically and biochemically defined.

A new way to take care of your skin and your environment.

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Good & Organic Cosmetics

Naturally pretty Passionately organic
Corsican definitely

donna è - Biocosmetica di Corsica

Château Malaspina
20226 Belgodère
Corsica - France

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