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Umbrella Tree par Mark Catesby. Original de la bibliothèque du patrimoine de la biodiversité.

May 01, 2021.

A story I wanted to share with you...

A story I wanted to share with you...

I met donna è, almost a year ago now, by mail!
It was just after the first lockdown linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.
In the month of May, a small package was delivered to my mailbox, sent by my parents for my birthday. It contained the Specific Face Cream, produced by small brand that my mother had just discovered in Corsica.

I sent a photo of its faulty pump sent to the brand's Instagram, and that is how I came to meet Christelle Leandri, the woman behind donna è.


I won't tell you about every single one of our exchanges, a 10,000-page long blog wouldn't be enough, but I decided to follow Christelle - through donna è, in her ambition to offer you treatments with a high human-added value.
Christelle's skin care products combine her knowledge of chemistry, her love of Corsica and her ambitions as an active and thoughtful woman.

I want the image of donna è products to truly reflect what they are - quality care, beautiful, good for the skin, and terribly human!


So don't be surprised to see this website evolve in the coming months. I will do my best to make you want to come back regularly. There may be some glitches along the way, or things that will take a little time to bring to fruition, but that's when you'll realise that donna è is first and foremost a story about women that will grow with, and thanks to, you.
I hope that these lines will make you smile, and that you will if necessary manage to tame your impatience for a while...

Don't hesitate to let me know what you would like to see on the website, or to make any suggestion or comment, by contacting me via this form.

Marguerite M.

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And of course, for your product enquiries, it's always here!

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